Panerai PAM00417 Boutique Special Edition “Maiale”

In 1935, it had become painfully obvious to Italian authorities that the Italian Navy maintained a weak position in the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian Navy stationed at Taranto was surrounded by the British fleet at Malta, off the coast of Sicily, at Gibraltar by Spain and at Alexandria near the Suez cannel. Additionally, the French Navy maintained a capable fleet at Toulon. Italy was, by default, the third naval power in Mediterranean waters and outnumbered in terms of battleships and did not field any of the all-important aircraft carriers that would prove so critical to the Allied war effort in World War 2. In 1940, British Royal Navy aircraft from its carrier fleet attacked the Italian fleet at Taranto, sinking one battleship and damaging at least two others.

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Officine Panerai On Middle East Plans

Regional MD Milvin George discloses why the luxury Italian watchmaker shuns traditional marketing to reach its fan base.

You are not going to see their billboards splashed across the UAE and you will be hard-pressed to find them advertising the way some mega Swiss watch brands do. But if you understand your watches or are on the path to being a watch connoisseur, you will have heard of Officine Panerai.

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A Panerai clock for Expo 2015

On the occasion of Expo 2015 in Milan, Officine Panerai is donating the world time clock to the info point at the Expo gate.


A large Panerai wall clock, with the iconic minimalist design which makes every timepiece of the Florentine brand immediately recognisable, enables anyone entering the Info Point at the Expo Gate at Piazza Castello to read the time in Milan and five other world capitals, chosen for their international vocation and their connection with Universal Expositions: London, New York and Paris (seat of the BIE, the Bureau International des Expositions) and also Shanghai and Dubai (hosts respectively of the last and the next Universal Expositions).


Like all the brand’s timepieces, the clock provides exceptional visibility at night, making it legible even in darkness, and it is therefore visible at all times from outside the Info Point, thanks to the building’s ethereal structure of transparent glass and tubular steel.


Entrevista a Angelo Bonati CEO de Panerai “El reloj es un compañero para toda la vida”

Entrevista el pasado 6 de Abril a Angelo Bonati, CEO de Panerai y el artifice del resurgimiento de la marca en el año 2000, que actualmente vende 70.000 relojes en todo el mundo al año y factura 335 millones de euros.


Si Panerai fuera un coche, sería un Ferrari

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En defensa del reloj y la relojeria (Apple Watch y sucedáneos)


Llamadme tonto (o Imbécil) pero considero un insulto que a este aparato le llamen “Watch” (Reloj), que en el modo reloj el minutero se mueva como si fuera un reloj mecánico automático (tener un par de… y mostrarlo como un reloj DIGITAL o QUARZO) y encima que se pretenda vender como un reloj, pero los que lo compren lo hagan por todo menos porque de la hora…

Llamadme romántico (o estúpido) pero prefiero tener en mi muñeca lo mismo que tuvo mi abuelo, mi bisabuelo, y recordar cada vez que lo mire, en los GENIOS que supieron desmembrar el tiempo, y poner en nuestras manos la capacidad de controlarlo.
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PANERAI. Historia y Evolución (Parte I)

© Erwan Grey 2015

En primer lugar quisiera advertir que este artículo sobre la historia de Panerai va a ser largo, muy largo, y además va a ser un articulo vivo, muy vivo que se irá modificando si van saliendo nuevas noticias. (Por lo tanto, recomiendo que os déis de alta en el blog para que se os avise con las actualizaciones. Podéis hacerlo escribiendo vuestro email en la parte superior derecha del blog)

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Diver Watches; Bulova Sea King Automatic 96B226 Limited Edition.


Bulova saw more strong new watch offerings for Baselworld 2015 – with attractive designs and strong values. What I love about the “Bulova of today” is that in addition to its mainstream offerings, there are more and more products specifically designed for the watch aficionado, such as this limited edition version of the new Bulova Sea King – which feels like a less expensive alternative to the Omega Seamaster Ploprof watch. So let’s check out this circa $1,500 mechanical 1000-meter diver new from Bulova for 2015.

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