Test. Diving with the Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Titanio

Panerai’s Luminor Submersible is part of the brand’s long tradition of making diving instruments for military frogmen. In this feature from our September-October 2018 issue, we subjected this model, which debuted in 2017, to the ultimate test: ice diving.


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Panerai PAM00417 Boutique Special Edition “Maiale”

In 1935, it had become painfully obvious to Italian authorities that the Italian Navy maintained a weak position in the Mediterranean Sea. The Italian Navy stationed at Taranto was surrounded by the British fleet at Malta, off the coast of Sicily, at Gibraltar by Spain and at Alexandria near the Suez cannel. Additionally, the French Navy maintained a capable fleet at Toulon. Italy was, by default, the third naval power in Mediterranean waters and outnumbered in terms of battleships and did not field any of the all-important aircraft carriers that would prove so critical to the Allied war effort in World War 2. In 1940, British Royal Navy aircraft from its carrier fleet attacked the Italian fleet at Taranto, sinking one battleship and damaging at least two others.

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Officine Panerai On Middle East Plans

Regional MD Milvin George discloses why the luxury Italian watchmaker shuns traditional marketing to reach its fan base.

You are not going to see their billboards splashed across the UAE and you will be hard-pressed to find them advertising the way some mega Swiss watch brands do. But if you understand your watches or are on the path to being a watch connoisseur, you will have heard of Officine Panerai.

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