Laco RAD-AUX “Limited Edition”


Ariel Adams here. I promised myself that if I ever had a financial stake in a product mentioned on aBlogtoWatch, we would make that fact immediately clear. Below you’ll read about the first product to be debuted of which I am the creative director. It’s a fun fantasy object built on a real tool watch relevant to pop culture that inspires me. It’s a form of horological collectible and I’m really pleased with the result. To tell you more about the story, the visual designer of the Laco RAD-AUX watch and aBlogtoWatch Art Director Matt Smith-Johnson talk you through the story and the product development below. This item might be a toy with a luxury price, but I assure you that a huge emphasis on detail and original design marked the time spent completing this project.

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Una curiosidad; “Keep Calm and Carry On” cuál es su origen?

Todos hemos tenido, comprado, leido o incluso creado un cartel con el lema “keep Calm”. Quién no lo ha visto en alguna tienda de decoración, en algún coche, en alguna pared de una habitación, con diferentes slogans pero con el mismo logotipo de una corona? Me refiero a estos carteles:

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