Atardeceres en Bangkok (Mercado flotante de Amphawa )

(English Below)


Atardece, y como cada día, el sol comienza su declive, regalando sus últimos rayos color de oro, como intentando luchar con las pagodas que hay cerca; de tejados de pan de oro… El sol no tiene el poder físico del mineral tan apreciado, pero puede pelear con el mismo tono; dorado, oro…

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Bye SIHH 2019, Hi! BASELWORLD 2019!!

the SIHH ended, and with this, the new era of watchmaking fairs begins, the year 2020 will be a year of great changes, although this is already being seen. Once the SIHH is over, engines start to warm up to go to the mega-fairy of the Baselworld watches.


Source: Baselworld

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“There is something that you demand not only of your watch, but also of yourself: never stand still.” Walter Lange.

When Ferdinand Adolph Lange, a watchmaker based in Dresden, founded the eponymous manufactory in 1845 in Glasshütte, a small town in a valley of the Saxon metal hills, he placed the first stones of Saxon precision watchmaking and made quality pocket watches , which today are still very sought after by collectors from all over the world. After the Second World War, the company became controlled by the state of East Germany and the name of Lange was practically forgotten.

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Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Indian Legend Tribute Scout Limited Edition


What makes a watch masculine?

Is it the size? Certain Hollywood leading men might say so.

What about the material? The popularity of heavy-duty titanium and time-worn bronze these days make that a distinct possibility.

How about the complication? I don’t know about you, but debating the virility of a perpetual calendar isn’t a frequent topic in my friend circle.

But what about collaborations, partnerships, and the like? If a watch brand works with Jack Daniels, John Deere, or a different “macho” brand does touting its red-blooded qualifier on the wrist actually help sell watches?

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Una receta para ser feliz


Todos buscamos la felicidad; de muchas maneras, de muchas formas, buscando en diferentes campos y estados… Y sin darnos cuenta la buscamos “como nos han enseñado” nuestros padres, amigos, allegados, compañeros del colegio, profesores, en definitiva el entorno que nos rodea. Pasan los años y vamos adquiriendo experiencia, pero tenemos ese patron previo de nuestra infancia que nos marca profundamente. Es correcto ese patron?

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