DiStefano Firenze (ADN at the straps also)


You obviously see a lot of different straps in the world market by handmade, but Distefano have something special; have true DNA of Panerai. Why?


Simona was born into the leather business that was started by her great-great Grandfather Bruno Allegrini at a time when it was the largest Tannery in Italy.

Her knowledge and experience of Italian Leather and all the characteristics that make it so special was not so much learned playing around the tannery as a child but was already in her blood.

Simona had one other early passion that followed her through her life – Panerai watches.

After gaining a First Class Post Graduate Degree in Economics she followed her passion and went straight to work in the Panerai Boutique in Firenze as the first Manager of the new Flagship Panerai Boutique – and went on to manage the original store for 4 years before being asked to open the very first of the new Panerai exclusive Boutiques in Portofino.

Simona loves to create the high quality, beautiful watch straps for both Panerai watches and many other Luxury watch brands like IWC, Cartier, Jaeger LeCoultre.



Distefano (Simona) are based in Firenze and since 2005 after the maker left Panerai.  Having a young family back then meant she needed to be more at home in Florence and began designing straps for Panerista people because his family has always been in the Leather business for over a Century and leather was something she really new growing up. Simona say; – it’s been a lot of fun and allows me to stay close to Panerai and all the Panerista people that became friends when I worked in the Boutique-.

The Italian design and style is clearly reflected in each of Simona’s works, and her careful details make a difference, such as offering three keepers in many of his straps. Simona says:  -Are optional, they are “technically” for allowing a longer tail so that the strap can be used over a wet suit as they can be used for diving because the leather won’t shrink like other leathers typically would. As most Paneristas just “desk dive” the third keeper is just a spare in case one gets lost -.

So, you can make your own decision whether or not to use the three keepers or not. The same applies to when wearing the strap if there isn’t a long tail end based on the size that fits you. Some customers like the strap to be longer with the tail finishing nearer the case others prefer to have a shorter tail that sits nearer the buckle. In short, feel free to show either way.

The quality of the leather of Simona are simply amazing, soft, stronge, with amazing textures.

More info at: DiStefano Firenze













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