GRPF XI (Paris 9th November 2019) Family Gallery

And the day of the GRPF XI of Paris arrived … and it was predictable, the laughter, the hugs, the moments created for never forget, the surprises, and these magic that only France and its people have, made it happen a weekend to remember…


What can I say? Thank you thank you very much.

Thank you for being people before watch owners.

Thank you for always being attentive to the well-being of the participants, regardless of whether they are photographers or creators of watch straps or other competitions. You have shown me that you accept without conditions the “people” and not their status or interest.

Thanks for the laughs, jokes, conversations and hugs.

Thank you for demonstrating that in a meeting in Panerai, everyone can go and be welcomed.

Thanks for the shared moments (It’s not done by watches, it’s done by people.)

Thank you for demonstrating and delighting me that owning a Panerai watch is not only a material symbol, but also a spirit and passion for a story, ideas and motto; FRIENDSHIP.

In summary, for showing me once again that Paris and France have a magical energy, that art continues to flow in every corner, that smells delicious food in every window and the truth can be read in every smile.

For all this; from the heart; Thank you to each one of you!

I am already looking forward to seeing each one of you! you are the blood, heart and soul of Panerai!

I would like to especially thank Jean-Marc Gdn and Ludovic Dell’Acqua for always taking care of me.

And as someone would say … I´LL BE BACK !!




Start the evening and the meeting with Panerista People its coming…


The great standards of French Panerism meet another year …










































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