PAM00111 & Christmas?… “The choice”

Christmas is coming; an occasion to meet with friends, family and go to glamorous places. Good time to show off our watches.

I would like to present a “must have” option for these dates.


In many occasions we see a strap on the page of the craftsman or in some publicity and it does not attract our attention. Many times we see it and think -Uff!! too flashy,I don´t like that color, ornot for me

Here I present you one of those straps; the “Canvas Jaune” serie by Gunny in one Panerai pam00111.



When I see this strap on gunny page, honestly I don´t like very much, but as a designer I found certain charms did not go unnoticed by me.

When I went to visit her manufacturing and boutique in Surabaya, I asked him some questions about this model. One of my favorite straps of Gunny is the “Tatto”, a unique strap with stamped relief motifs of “Batik” the traditional Indonesian paintings. The keepers of this strap also have designs seemed to me to be of the same origin.


“Tattoo” Strap by Gunny Straps in Luminor 1950 Submersible PAM00243

Peter confirmed that they were traditional “Batik” drawings and that it was an evolution of the “tattoo” belt.


Watching the strap alone, it appears as an exaggeration; a very strident color for a serious watch like the Panerai and little poor combinable. But if we put ourselves in situation we can discover a fascinating strap for special occasions.



This strap for summer or for parties is especially fashionable. In a watch with a little flashy dial in colors like for example the panerai 111 or in titanium cases, or stainless steel they can perfectly conbine. On these dates (christmas and ending year festivals) its marked the night parties, cocktails or special meetings with a lot of people. And why not recognize it, everyone likes someone to admire the watch we wear on our wrist, right?

Believe me, with this strap, the glances are not going to go anywhere else …



The strap are made as usual in Gunny Straps by hand from yellow canvas on top, backside is leather and uses leather keepers with tribal pattern embossing as I write before with “batik” design. The general design of the strap are made in 16th January 2015 by gunny and his team.


If you wear a Panerai watch, you like the design … and this strap is a good option to show your watch while telling a story … Also are a different point of view in canvas strap.

Perfect for the holidays.





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