The Revolution of “JM Pontroué” (Panerai CEO)


When someone asks me why I am so excited about the arrival of Jean-Marc Pontrué to @panerai, my answer is always the same; “Because I think he understands what Panerai DNA means”.

This year we have seen the appearance of the blue dials allegorizing the sea, and at the same time we have seen how the CEO has reduced sponsorship to regattas and has increased it to underwater adventures and around the world. But this is not a novelty; the blues on the @panerai watches have always been present in the Pre-Vendome period and in the Vendome also, as for example in this @panerai PAM00024 that began its first series in 1998 until 2011 where the production of the Unmistakable PAM00243 1950 Luminor submersible began.


The vision of JM Pontroue was very clear in the first interview he offered as CEO of Panerai in the United States, when he said that Panerai’s new direction in the future would be that of a male watch with a submersible character.


I think JM Pontroue has been able to look back and take the best of the historic Panerai brand and mix it with the contemporary, with a transcendent vision and identity.

So far is fulfilling my expectations; it is more, it is surpassing them…


Professional free diver

Exploring the depths with Luminor Submersible

As far as he can remember, Guillaume Néry has always been fascinated by the sea. Specialized in the queen of all freediving disciplines (constant weight), he broke the freediving world record four times, in 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2008 and won the world champion title twice, in 2008 and 2011. But his passion goes far beyond the mere realm of sports. Freediving has become a true way of life to him.

Today retired from the competition, he keeps on training and diving like a professional. He now devotes himself to transmitting his passion to others and to exploring the wonders of nature still hidden in the undersea world. Guillaume is a Panerai Ambassador since 2018 and he wears a Divers Professional watch that can accompany him during all his explorations: the Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic 3 Days Automatic.





“If your dreams do not scare you, they are not big enough”.

Mike Horn is not only the greatest living explorer, but he is also undoubtedly a contemporary hero. His strength goes far beyond his physical abilities. To travel towards the North Pole in the most complete darkness of winter or to climb peaks of 8,000 metres without oxygen assistance are challenges to his physical and mental endurance.


His challenges as a professional explorer can only partly describe Mike’s true character. Instead of asking himself why he should undertake an adventure, Mike prefers to ask himself why he should not. He is only interested in what he can do, not in what he cannot do. He believes that by really opening one’s eyes to the world, everyone can find a great opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

Strong, courageous and determined, Mike Horn is the perfect incarnation of a sportsman, one who shares the values of Panerai, whose Ambassador he has been for more than 15 years. With him, Panerai has shared in the excitement of his last four expeditions – Arktos, the North Pole Winter Expedition, Pangaea and Pole2Pole – supporting his incredible challenges and creating for him a series of watches in limited editions which have immediately become cult objects.


Font: Panerai / Erwan Grey


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