“Weekend Photo-Session” Panerai Luminor Base PAM00390 44mm Boutique Special Edition.

Like every weekend I’m not traveling (something strange), I take my time to do some detailed photos of watches and straps. In this case the session has been for an iconic watch within the Panerai brand and a strap made by hand by Peter Gunny (Gunny Straps) in crocodile according to the special dial color of this limited edition watch.

PAM00390 Base Luminor

A short introduction to better understand this piece of DNA

In the 1997-98 era, the 5218-201A (often referred to as the original LOGO) was introduced. Of course, not very collectable or hot, times have been kind to the brand. This piece is one of the most sought after, and a piece of grail.

Then, in 2010, the PAM360 was introduced in line with celebrating the PANERISTI.com community of 10 years.Unfortunately, this “community” watch was only produced in a small number of 300 pcs only. This means only a small fraction of the community will be able to purchase this beautiful piece.

Before 3Q of 2011 ended, Panerai came through for us, and introduced the PAM390.It was a sudden release, rhe company not make ad campaign or advertice too much.

PAM00390 Base Luminor

The PAM390 is a special edition model, much awaited as it was considered as “base” which had similarities as the LOGO.A total of 2000 pcs will be made all in 2011 and this model was only distributed via Panerai boutiques. It has a 44 mm steel Luminor case, tobacco dial (painted, not sandwich) and gold hands. The PAM390 is a 44mm Luminor Pre-V case, which has similar to many of the current production ETA models.This case style is very similar to that of the vintages (pre-V and pre-A, albeit a little bit of differences at the lugs).

PAM00390 Base Luminor

One of the peculiarities of this dial is its chameleon ability to change depending on the light. It can be from a chocolate color to a dark brown or even black.

PAM00390 Base Luminor

PAM00390 Base Luminor

The dial is of cos a base model with 3,6,9 and 12 indices with gold hands.The fonts on the dial are painted pumpkin color to look just like a vintage. (of cos some of us complain that it’s not FAT enough like the true vintages).The interesting part of the dial is the tobacco color chosed. This color is similar to that of another hot Special Edition PAM232 (but the PAM232 is a sandwich dial).

PAM00390 Base Luminor

Case back is solid, engraved with a “Maiale” pig SLC torpedo, and the movement inside is the Unitas derived OP I movement. Essentially this is an entry level watch, a PAM000 Logo fitted with a different dial.

PAM00390 Base Luminor

PAM00390 Base Luminor

In my opinion, the PAM00390 is one of the models most consistent with the historical DNA of the brand and one of the most elegant to carry out on the wrist. Its 44 mm make it very useful to carry out with suit or serious clothing.


PAM00390 Base Luminor

The strap that I used this session is a Strap manual manufacturing of Peter Gunny in crocodile. A strap that perfectly complements the tobacco dial, allowing it to highlight this peculiar color of the Panerai series.

PAM00390 Base Luminor


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