Watch Straps: “Submersible Series” from Gunny Straps

© Erwan Grey

© Erwan GreyThere so many times we ask ourselves: how it is possible that a leather strap uses in a clock “diver”?. Well, the answer is very simple: a large crowd of fans do not wear their watches for diving, they just use it to go out to the street. And when they need to dive, they just change the strap for one more appropriate.

© Erwan GreyA watch is a gem for male (and female) and as such, you can add various straps to coordinate with any clothes that we carry or the time. If we add a brand that is characterized by the love of their owners straps, the fun is guaranteed. If there is a watch brand that is recognized by its straps, is Panerai.

© Erwan GreyWhen I bought my PAM243, I knew that I needed a belt will counter the case 47mm Panerai in other references on this 243. Its a little small size does not make him a little brother of the “submersible” series, but its 1950 case and 1.000meters of depth range, applying for a strap according to this magnificent clock. One day I just offer to Peter Gunny the opportunity to create me a custom strap for the 243. I wanted a thick, vintage, according to the design and the history of its 1950 case and a consistent color and buckle with a thread for stitching of yore, those used to weave networks or flats fishing piers colors and with its own identity.

I just tell to Peter my idea and he was a genius at the moment of design the strap. When he finished, he liked it so much that he decided to add to its catalog of straps to the public.

© Erwan GreyThe “Submersible Series” Gunny notable for its thickness, which may seem to you exaggerated, but .. if such check strap with “accordion” source Panerai, its thickness is similar or even with the keeper is less. Therefore it is not exaggerated.

© Erwan Grey

© Erwan GreyMade with aged Italian leather and handmade olive green and brown, with details of wear vintage style. The behavior of the wrist strap to the top is a bit hard, by the thickness of the same, but with a few set is perfectly suited to the user’s wrist

sin-título-2513NOTE: The strap of this article is about a year of use and has been immersed in fresh water and sea water several times.


He strap with Thickness: approx. 6mm! …..but, you can ask for thinner if you want.
Style: Vintage, meaty thick looks. I engrave the depth ability of your watch on keeper, like “1000m”, or you can also ask me to write anything on the keeper.

The ordinary strap include standard buckle (on picture is with GPF Sandblasted buckle)












And now .. a few pictures of the set …





The Price: $169.99 include standard buckle (on picture is with GPF Sandblasted buckle, add $22)
More info at: Gunny Straps Catalog
Gunny Straps facebook

Photographer: Erwan Grey
Erwan Grey Facebook



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