Arnold Classic (USA) 2015 Predictions WOMEN

Depending on who you ask, the Arnold Classic is either the second biggest or THE biggest show of the IFBB Pro season; and the kick off is only a mere one week away! According to industry leaders, this show WILL be bigger and more exciting than ever. Yes, you hear that every year, but it’s true! In 2015, the IFBB Pro league added Men’s and Women’s Physique divisions, and the sports festival itself has added chess, WWE, soccer, and rowing. Another change is that they’ve eliminated the women’s bodybuilding division. There is also a slight change of venue; the ASF will no longer use Veteran’s Memorial for the bodybuilding events, but rather, move them to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. SO MANY CHANGES!

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Watch Straps: “Submersible Series” from Gunny Straps

© Erwan Grey

© Erwan GreyThere so many times we ask ourselves: how it is possible that a leather strap uses in a clock “diver”?. Well, the answer is very simple: a large crowd of fans do not wear their watches for diving, they just use it to go out to the street. And when they need to dive, they just change the strap for one more appropriate.

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Watches: Girard-Perregaux Sea Hawk II Pro

SEA HAWK II Pro : Titanium case, diameter 44mm, sapphire crystal 4.85mm thick with winding crown at 4 o’clock. It goes without saying, we were very curious to find out more about the super sportive watch when the renowned brand presented the completely new SEA HAWK II Pro in pre-première in 2004. Now Girard-Perrégaux has given us the opportunity to test this very exclusive timepiece in our professional capacity. Girard-Perregaux  Sea Hawk II Pro

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The OMEGA Seamaster Apnea

Frenchman Jacques Mayol was known as the “human dolphin” and started his association with OMEGA in 1981, when he tested the new Seamaster 120 watch on his record-breaking free dive to a depth of 101 metres, beating by one metre his famous record of 1976 when he broke the magic 100-metre barrier. These dives were part of a long-running rivalry with Italian diver Enzo Maiorca (the first man to breath-hold dive below 50 metres) lasting over ten years, which saw freedive depths double within a decade and provided the inspiration for Luc Besson’s film”The Big Blue”, which led to notoriety for both Mayol and Maiorca.

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Fotografías famosas y sus autores detrás de ellas.

El fotógrafo estadounidense Tim Mantoani, nos deleita mostrando las caras de los que hicieron algunas de las fotografías más relevantes de la historia.

Todo comenzó en 2006, cuando Mantoani alquiló una cámara de 20×24 Polaroid (sí, una rareza extraordinaria) para tomar retratos de Jim Marshall y Michael Zagaris. Desde entonces, ha fotografiado más de 150 fotógrafos y las fotos que los hicieron famosos. Sus fotos han sido vistas por millones de personas, y algunos las consideran las mejores representaciones que definen los eventos históricos o personas que han capturado.

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Relojes: Flieger B-Uhren Baumuster B

Los “Flieger” Alemanes, esos relojes que cayeron en el olvido tras la segunda guerra mundial y que en los 90 reaparecieron gracias a la manufactura de algunas de las empresas que los fabricaron en los años 40.

Alemania es uno de esos países que tiene una larga tradición relojera, país en el que a día de hoy aún siguen produciéndose bastantes de sus fabricantes clásicos, como Laco o Stowa.

Muchos de ellos, durante la mitad de la década de 1.990, fueron re-introduciendo en sus catálogos, versiones o réplicas adaptadas a los nuevos tiempos, de los relojes que fabricaron para la Luftwaffe durante la segunda guerra mundial, la fuerza aérea del Tercer Reich.

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