Bienvenida Primavera!

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© Erwan Grey Photographer

La primavera besaba
suavemente la arboleda,
y el verde nuevo brotaba
como una verde humareda.
Las nubes iban pasando
sobre el campo juvenil…
Yo vi en las hojas temblando
las frescas lluvias de abril.
Bajo ese almendro florido,
todo cargado de flor
—recordé—, yo he maldecido
mi juventud sin amor.
Hoy, en mitad de la vida,
me he parado a meditar…
¡Juventud nunca vivida,
quién te volviera a soñar!

Antonio Machado

“La vida en el Sikkim” (debate fotográfico)


Fotografía realizada en una localización rural del interior en Mangan, (Sikkim), la pobreza y la falta de recursos hacen que vivan en chabolas de uralita quedando expuestas durante 4 o 5 meses a las inclemencias de las implacables lluvias del Monzón.

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Montblanc 1858 Geosphere Green & Bronze


Montblanc is following up last year’s launch of the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere with a green and bronze model this year in a limited edition of 1,858 pieces. Debuted at SIHH 2019, the reference 119909 1815 Geosphere is the same as the existing model, but with a new green color palette to match the current bronze case and last year’s black color palette for the Geosphere pieces. Sigue leyendo

SIHH 2019, the “new” Panerai era? (Part III Final). “Thoughts and Reflections”


Well, now it’s time to offer the personal impression on the novelties of the SIHH 2019 regarding Panerai. I’m going to stick to the models presented officially by the brand at the fair, otherwise I would extend it too much and I would have to upload more images. I think for this “Three-Post” it’s fine. Also in this last post I do not want to upload many photos (only wrist shots from my friends Marc & Joe and focus more on the written criticism. There will be time to make more reviews for sure! Now my interest is to make clear my general opinion about the new direction of the brand. I think we are facing a new milestone. That is sure.

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Bye SIHH 2019, Hi! BASELWORLD 2019!!

the SIHH ended, and with this, the new era of watchmaking fairs begins, the year 2020 will be a year of great changes, although this is already being seen. Once the SIHH is over, engines start to warm up to go to the mega-fairy of the Baselworld watches.


Source: Baselworld

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SIHH 2019, the “new” Panerai era? (Part I)

Here you have a compilation of Videos and images of the novelties in Panerai Watches there are in SIHH 2019.

This year the new CEO of Panerai and has surprised us with the new construction line for the Luminor Submersible cases.

The new CEO has made clear its intention to innovate and make the Luminor Submersible line more modern using the innovative materials that were used in the last two years and modifying the dials and the bezels. It also takes a giant step back to make a special series collaborating with the Italian Navy Marina Militare.

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